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Akiko Audio - AC Tuning Stick MkII

  • AC - Schuko plug.
  • AC - US plug.
1.00 LBS
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Product Description

The Akiko AC Tuning Stick is the little brother to the Triple AC Enhancer...same concept, but with less material inside.  At about half the cost, this is the choice for those on a smaller budget.  Plug the AC Stick into the unused outlet next to where your power conditioner is plugged or into and unused outlet in your power conditioner.

These products from Akiko Audio are 6Moons Blue Moon Award Winners, Positive Feedback did a fantastic review and the Stereo Times writers named the Tuning Sticks a Most Wanted Component of 2013.

Akiko Audio products are all based on one principal, cleaning noise from the ground plane of your system.  The cleaner the ground, the clearer your sound.  The product is available in five different variations.  We recommend starting with either an AC or RCA unit, then adding a pair of the Universal to achieve maximum performance.

Now we have the New and Improved Mkll model.  This new version now has new high quality connectors, dual twisted copper conductors and a new mixture of noise absorbing materials.


Note: Worldwide shipping is free.

Note: Please use each type of Tuning Stick only for it's intended application, because each type contains a different mixture of materials, formulated for that application (don't try putting an AC connector on an RCA Stick).


The Tuning Stick Mkl was awarded with the 6Moons Blue Moon award in September of 2013.  Here's what the reviewers had to say:

"By merely plugging in the 100-odd grams of AC tuning shtick, the virtual soundstage widened, individual instruments moved further apart and Burke pushed his singing chair forward. When we unplugged the darn stick, the stage shrunk back to its initial size between the horns. Did we hear this correctly? Was this stuff really that powerful?"

"Scary? Almost. With the enhanced dimensions of the music we now also noticed tiny ticks and clicks from the vinyl's surface giving away that this was still a reproduction. Before the universal sticks were mounted, these ticks and clicks had been inaudible."

"In all their differences these two sample albums uncovered the new-found possibilities of our system in full. It had been a very good system already but now it sat at an even higher altitude. Three little sticks were all it took to get up there."

"What exactly the workings of these sticks are is unclear. They seem to be related to the Shakti Stones and Acoustic Revive RCG-24 grounding enhancer. The only difference between those and the sticks is that the sticks don't introduce subtle enhancements. They cause a vast enhancement."


Check out the reviews here:

akiko-blue-moon-award.png  stereotimes2013award.jpg


How to Use the Sticks

  • We recommend starting with the AC model (or a pair of Universal on your speaker cables or mains cable).  Listen with the AC unit plugged into the wall (next to your power conditioner) and plugged into your power conditioner.  We've even had a client who's using one plugged into a different circuit than his system; the stick will clean the ground at the electrical panel where all circuits are connected. 
  • Use the RCA/XLR unit as an alternative to the AC and like the AC, try it in every possible position.  You don't need to try every jack on the on a single component (they all probably connect to the same ground), but certainly try every component that has an open jack, such as your Preamp, Phono Preamp, DAC, etc.
  • The AC and RCA/XLR models can also be strapped on top of a power cable, for further experimentation, regardless of whether the connector is plugged in.
  • Use the Universal model on your speaker cables, trying the speaker end and the amp end.  Also try them on you mains cable into your power conditioner.


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Product Reviews

  1. Magic Beans 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Oct 2017

    I don't know what those crafty Dutch put inside these things, but it works. I have them on my audio and video rigs, plus a USB one on my big boy Desktop. I'll probably get one or two more as more my budget allows. Thanks Darin!


    Posted by on 17th Jan 2017

    The reviewers are right. The aural improvements include more air, detail and slam. Voices are more distinct. This an easy and cheap tweek for audiophiles.

  3. Sticks Defy Belief 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Sep 2016

    USB stick improved sound quality of my digital player somewhat. Did wonders to improve picture quality of videos on player.

    RCA tuning sticks significantly cleaned up and improved tonality and focus of my sound system when installed in my preamp. I found effects to be cumulative when I added an additional pair of sticks to my preamp

  4. Truly a diamond in the rough 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th Aug 2016

    No matter where I placed the tuning sticks, miracles happened .......on the speaker cables, on the interconnect cable or on the AC line, to results where not subtle but almost in your face, like hearing what other manufactures of highend cables rave about their flagship products, I know this because I am returning a $7k cable purchased fortunately for me within the last 14 days. Now I'm ordering the complete system of tuning modules and taking my wife to the opera!

  5. Akiko USB tuning stick 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th Mar 2016

    I use a few Akiko products including the Triple AC, Tuning Sticks and an RCA Tuning Stick on my pre-amp. The USB tuning stick interested as it is a unique product. I assumed it might make the biggest difference as it is furthest up the chain.

    I am using the stick on my NAS. There is an instant audible difference once the USB stick is plugged in. Everything is more effortless, more transparent, more real.

    I thought I went as far as you could go with Akiko products but the USB stick definitely makes another marked improvement. Bravo!

    I just bought a 2nd one for my other NAS.

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