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Akiko Audio - Phono Booster

  • Akiko Audio - Phono Booster
  • Akiko Audio - Phono Booster
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Product Description

The Akiko Audio Phono Booster uniquely lowers the phono signal noise floor, without using electrical components or active power filtering.  A turntable setup is extremely sensitive to noise generated from contaminated electricity and high frequency radiation. You go to great lengths and cost with an analogue setup, so information from the record groove shouldn’t be polluted with high frequency noise.  The Phono Booster effectively reduces high frequency noise in your tonearm/cartridge and phono preamplifier, to render your music naturally and cleanly and leads to a very pleasant music rendition throughout the audio spectrum.

Inside the Phono Booster are two compartments with a clever AA-1425 mix of natural materials joined together with internal wiring. The content is stabilized with special black resin, which suppresses microphonic effects. The case is made of thick aluminium and has an input connection at the back.  Hide the device behind your turntable and connect the spade connector to the earth/ground fitting on your phono preamplifier (or if not available, the ground of your tonearm).


Which improvements can you expect?

  • A more honest and nuanced presentation.
  • Improved phono amplifier performance, from reduced ground noise.
  • Remarkable improvements to the voice and acoustic instruments.
  • Increase in spaciousness and micro dynamics: it sounds livelier!
  • Listening to music becomes more pleasurable because the noise floor is reduced. Listening fatigue no more!
  • In addition, more small details become audible because of the lower noise floor as well. More emotion is communicated in your records.

Check out the 6Moons Review of the Akiko Phono Booster:

“Over the years we auditioned many accessories that where advertised as sound improving, class lifting or even pure magic. Some were much ado about nothing but never with devices from the Dutch father/son initiative Akiko Audio. Their Tuning Sticks, Triple AC Enhancer and more recent Corelli Power Conditioner simply work.”

“the cleaning action of all Akiko Audio products we'd tested thus far is effective was a given to us by now. The proof is simple. Just remove the stick or enhancer. After a few minutes—the effect is not instantaneous—the sound alters. During those few minutes when the pollution builds up again, the listener gets back to the previous listening reality.”

“the openness was further enhanced while the rough edges on the high transients of the drums were gone.”

“the orchestra had a much more realistic size, not so much in width but depth. Though the pressing of the final recording of the late Canadian bard is not his best, it too gained in quality with the Booster cleaning up things on the phono ground.”

“the master bassist's trio seemed to better timed between each other. Previously with this album, we noticed at times a wandering off where things got blurry. Now with the little Dutch box in place, the trio sounded more alert and as listeners, we felt less distracted from the music because the timing was better.”

“Cleaning up the ground on sensitive equipment that must detect very small voltage differences like in a phono stage proved to be important. These signal voltages are magnitudes smaller than the power voltages of the same phono stage. After separating signal ground and chassis ground from power ground, cleaning up the signal ground improved the sound quality notably.”

Mono and Stereo Review




  • Dimensions: 98 mm x 65 mm x 39 mm (Length x Width x Height).
  • Weight: 430 gram.
  • All soldering is done with Silver Solder.
  • Gold plated Hirschmann 4mm banana socket.
  • 60 cm Connection cable included.
  • The Akiko Audio Phono Booster is Hand Made.
  • 10 years factory warranty.
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