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Music Hall

  • Music Hall - Ikura Turntable

    Music Hall - Ikura Turntable

    The Music Hall ikura turntable is a 2-speed, belt driven turntable with many singular features. Starting with music hall’s hallmark two-piece split-plinth design. The plinths are isolated and...

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  • Music Hall - mmf-11.1 Turntable

    Music Hall - mmf-11.1 Turntable

    The music hall mmf-11.1 turntable, our latest flagship, is a 2-speed belt-driven audiophile turntable, featuring the unique quadruple-plinth construction originated by music hall (cartridge sold...

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  • Music Hall mmf-7.3 Music Hall mmf-7.3

    Music Hall - mmf-7.3 Turntable

    Sorbothane hemispheres separate the two platforms and provide additional suspension and vibration damping. The mmf-7.3 comes in a high-gloss piano black lacquer finish (cartridge sold separately)...

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  • Music Hall mmf-9.3 Music Hall mmf-9.3

    Music Hall - mmf-9.3 Turntable

    The Music Hall mmf-9.3 uses next-level design, compared to the 7.3, with improved resonance control, a integrated outboard motor and upgraded platter.  Sorbothane hemispheres separate each...

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