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Custom Headphone System: THE STUDIO

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60.00 LBS
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Product Description

Code-name: THE STUDIO

Sonic Character: The Studio is designed for an unparalleled spectrum of tone, combined with a hyper level of transparancy nuance and detail.  You'll notice that this package resembles The Lotus very closely, with the exception of the amplifier and headphone cable.  Think of The Lotus as a sound you see in your mind and The Studio as a sound you feel.  The difference is a focus on tonality with The Studio and dimension and Articulation with The Lotus.


The Gear:

Audeze LCD3 Headphones: The Audeze house sound is full-bodied and toneful, with fantastic detail.  The LCD3 is the Audeze reference and is the most dynamic and nuanced of all their headphones.

ALO Studio Six: The Studio Six is ALOs reference headphone amplifier.  Tube amplifers are often known for a full sound that can become loose and sluggish when the music gets too complex...not so with the Studio Six.  You'll get the beautiful tone you expect from tubes, but with a level of transparency and detail that's quite unique.  A Class-A single-ended triode (SET) circuit design, zero-feedback and 100% tube amplification.  The 'overbuilt' power supply features robust multi-stage high-voltage filtering, for superior low-frequency performance.  A proprietary output stage accommodates a wide range of headphone impedance from 8 to 600-Ohms, with ease.  The Studio Six drives many pairs of headphones with no sacrifice to fidelity. The ideal amp for shared listening sessions.  A timeless design built to last a lifetime and deliver an unmatched sonic experience.

10’ Reference 16 Headphone Cable (or ALO Salty Pepper): The Reference 16 contains sixteen high purity conductors are used to create this headphone cable. Comprised of eight each of silver-plated copper and classic copper, all encased in protective FEP jacketing, the Reference 16 cable delivers a wide open and crisp sonic presentation.  The ALO Salty Pepper is composed of four high purity silver-plated copper conductors and four high purity classic copper conductors.  Go with the Reference 16 for maximum refinement and the Salty Pepper for more bass emphasis.

PS Audio DirectStream Digital Converter: PS Audio released its DirectStream DSD DAC in mid-2014 and by the end of the year the unit had won awards from just about every audio magazine out there. The DirectStream circuit upsamples a file 10 times and outputs it as double-DSD (the equivalent of 24/192 PCM). The result of this truly perfected algorithm is that your standard Redbook CD files now sound as good as hi-res files. Think of it as the opposite of an MP3, whereas an MP3 strips dimensional and reverberant information in the recording away, with the DirectStream double DSD this information is intensified, to produce a very realistic feeling, as if the music floats all around you.

1M Klee Acoustics Interconnect Cable: Klee cables are reference-level cables of the highest order. The character of these handmade cables is neutral in tone, lightning fast and as linear as a laser from the lowest bass to the highest treble.

2M Nanotec Systems #308 “Wonderful” Power Cable: Nanotec are Japanese cables that follow a basic formula with each of their products.  A selected type of high performance copper is measured in the company's laboratory for its electrical properties and based on the results a certain mixture of gold and silver nano particles is applied to the copper conductor.  The #308 cable, released in 2015 is one of the first audio cables in the world to use the new Japanese Triple PC copper as its conductor; if you've heard of Ohno Continuous Crystal copper, this is the new version.



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"Don't think you're getting a gooey romanticized delivery with the Studio six.  Instead, exceptional transparancy combined with oodles of tone furnishes the listener with both high and low volume satisfaction.

"What I heard from the ALO Studio Six and Audeze LCD3 combination back in June still ranks as the greatest sound I've heard to date"

"The combo of modern resolution—such low noise floor from six valves is serious engineering—er... mated to linear bandwidth with real cojones and a clear tendency for voluptuous density and blood & sweat meatiness evokes all manner of seductive descriptions."

"John Darko called it pure poetry. Michael Mercer's wife called herself the headphone widow ever after hubby plugged himself into the Six."

"I'd have to say that the ALO the best that I've heard in a headphone amp. Reference-quality, without a doubt, and massive synergy with the Audeze LCD-3's."




 directstream-dac1.jpg (Blue Moon Award Winner)

"The best way we've yet encountered to turn digital into music"

"But, for those who've waited for a computer-friendly DAC that offers, with every type of music file, the best musicality of which DSD is capable, the PerfectWave DirectStream may be in a class by itself."

"There was an amazing sense of purity to the DirectStream's way with music as if everything and anything extraneous had been stripped away." (Audiophilia Star Component)

"The DS is a game changer."

"PS Audio has perhaps achieved the impossible with the DS."

"The DS gets my highest recommendation; hats off and a bow to PS Audio.





Product Videos

ALO Audio Studio Six (11:50)
ALO Audio in conjunction with Thomas Martens has come out with an outstanding headphone amp. I've done my best to try and describe the experience of listening with it. Note that since the making of the video, the price of the Studio Six has gone down to $3990. Also in the video are the ALO Reference 20 interconnects and Reference 16 Audeze cable, along with a custom ALO speaker adaptor. Thanks to Ken Ball at ALO Audio for lending Japanese Head-Fi members the Studio Six and the cables. Thanks to Guillaume Erard for allowing me to use part of one of his Aikido videos. The original video can be found at
  • ALO Audio Stud...
    ALO Audio in conjunction with Thomas Martens has come out with...
  • The ALO Studio...
    More show coverage at: This video features...
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