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Custom Headphone System: THE X-MAN

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24.00 LBS
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Product Description

Code-name: THE X-MAN

Sonic Character: The X-Man is designed for a special synergy between the Mytek Manhattan DAC and the Audeze LCD-X headphones.  This combination makes for speed, punch and extension.


The Gear:

Audeze LCD-X Headphones: The Audeze house sound is full-bodied and toneful, while maintaining fantastic detail.  The LCD-X is a bit more punchy and responsive compared to the LCD-3, which has a touch more nuance and delicacy.  Choose the open-back headphone type for the most open sound and the closed-back type to prevent room noise from interfering with the music or noise from your music escaping the headphones.


Mytek Digital Manhattan DAC: The Manhattan DAC is full of adrenaline. Transients ride a knife edge, leaving vapor trails. You don’t go to the Manhattan for delicate beauty; go to it for power, speed, agility and exhilaration. Examine the exterior of the Manhattan…it sounds just like it looks. Mytek products are created in New York by Polish-born, digital design wizard, Michal Jurewicz, who’s been working on digital converters for the Hi-Fi and Pro-studio arenas for nearly three decades. Mytek products are some of the most feature-rich digital converters on the market, allowing you to make extensive adjustments and dial in the sound you want.

This product is capable of native DSD files up to Quad-DSD, as well as upconversion of your Redbook files, to Single-DSD, Double-DSD or Quad-DSD.  A high performance headphone amplifier is integrated into this unit and it also has a volume control, for use as a preamp, directly into an amplifier.


10’ Wywires Headphone Cable: The Wywires Red headphone cable provides a nice upgrade from stock cables. The character of this cable is close up and intimate, with excellent micro-detail and timing precision. All Wywires cables use high-purity Litz copper conductor, which have been phase-aligned and encased inside a sealed Teflon tube with an air barrier.


2M Nanotec Systems #308 “Wonderful” Power Cable: Nanotec are Japanese cables that follow a basic formula with each of their products.  A selected type of high performance copper is measured in the company's laboratory for its electrical properties and based on the results a certain mixture of gold and silver nano particles is applied to the copper conductor.  The #308 cable, released in 2015 is one of the first audio cables in the world to use the new Japanese Triple PC copper as its conductor; if you've heard of Ohno Continuous Crystal copper, this is the new version.


2A Audio Magic Super Premium Beezwax Fuse: These are the most advanced fuses offered by Audio Magic.  The Beeswax injection process is very difficult, but it produces a very organic sound.



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