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Headphone Cables

  • ALO Reference 16

    ALO Audio - Reference 16 Headphone Cable

    Upgrading to a high performance headphone cable on your Sennheiser, Hifiman, Audeze or similar headphone will take your headphone sound to the next level.  Headphone cables from ALO Audio have gained a cult following and we find them to be one of...

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  • Mytek Digital - XLR Headphone Cable Adapter

    This cable adapter from Mytek Digital is built for listening to headphones in balanced mode.  The adapter can be used with any headphone amplifier having two 1/4" phono jacks (for balanced listening) and a headphone cable with male XLR connector.

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  • Wywires - Red Headphone Cable (6-15ft)

    Wywires - Red Headphone Cable (6-15ft)

    The Wywires Red headphone cable provides a nice upgrade from stock cables. The character of this cable is close up and intimate, with excellent micro-detail and timing precision. All Wywires cables use high-purity Litz copper conductor, which have been...

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  • Wywires Diamond Series Wywires Diamond Series

    Wywires - Speaker Cables

    Utilizing advance Litz wire and air dielectric technology, Wywires speaker cables are engineered to preserve the output of any amplifier to any speaker regardless of the speakers’ load difficulties.  Wywires speaker cables are neutral with...

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